Austrian Alps

Last february we visited the Austrian Alps for our winter holiday. We stayed in a small village named Niederthai at 1.550 meters above sealevel. Niederthai is located in the Otztal. Our hotel was ‘der Veitenhof’ above Niederthai. Beautiful located, excellent bio food and very friendly people. Besides the skiing and snowboarding, we also went for hiking, relaxing and enjoying the beautiful scenery. And beautiful it was!

During the first couple of days we got fresh snow. Lot’s of clouds and mist. We couldn’t even see the mountains. But then on those blue sunny days… whow!

Below Niederthai lies one of Austria’s tallest waterfalls. The Stubenfall. It is 150 meters in height and during the winter parts of this waterfall are frozen. There are several platforms near the waterfall to get a good view. You can get pretty close to it.

I also enjoyed taking pictures of rocks covered with ice in the river at the beginning of the waterfall. The rapids and the fast flowing water make it a photographers paradise.

The images were taken with my 12-24mm f/4.0 and 80-200mm f/2.8
I used a polarization filter to darken the blue sky, reducing water/sun reflection and to slow down the shutterspeed to get blurry water. To further slow down the shutterspeed I used a neutral density filter. To frame the image and to get sharp images, I used a tripod.

So what is the ‘Outdoor Experience’ here? Wandering around in a winterworld all by yourself. Feel the cold fresh air on your face and on the same time the warmth of the sun. No cars, no sounds. Just the snow beneath your feet. Last but not least, the spectaculair view of those mountains all around you.

Please take a look in the Portfolio section: Landscapes -> Austria 2011.