Field flowers

Poppies and Cornflowers

One thing that gives me that summer feeling is a field full of red Poppies and blue Cornflowers. Unfortunately we don’t have that many fields around anymore were I live.  Most of the fields are agricultured or the grass is mowed very quickly. However, one stroke (shoulder) next to a road was filled with beautiful field flowers. The administrator of this part of the road told me that they left this shoulder unattended so that nature would have free space to develop. Good choice! At first I found it difficult to find a good subject and composition. Should I go for the whole field or focus on single flowers? I decided to go for the single and found this hatching Poppy. Using the 150mm macro lens and a open aperture (f3.5), I could isolate the background and give complete focus to the flower. Because the (sun)light was harsh that afternoon, I decreased the saturation with the post-processing on the computer. It also gives the image a more artistic look.

Hatching Poppy

Because I felt I was not done yet at this location, I went back the next morning. The sun was gone and a good rainshower passed by. This could bring a good oppertunity for photographing the flowers covered with raindrops! And it was indeed. That morning I started of with the macro lens again, capturing the Poppies covered with raindrops.



After using my macro lens, I switched to the 70-200mm telephoto lens to get a more overall image, but still creating a romantic and calm scene. This is somewhat difficult because you need to find a nice group of flowers with a calm background. Looking at the image below, I surely think I succeeded.


A week later I returned to the field again. Due to heavy rainfall and a strong wind, most of the flowers were gone. Too bad, but I had my pictures I was hoping for. More images on this field flowers and other flowers can be found within my portfolio showcase on ‘Flora’.

All images were taking with the Nikon D800 DSLR, using the Sigma Macro 150mm f/2.8 and Nikkor AFS 70-200m f/2.8 lens. Post-processing was done using Adobe Lightroom 5 and Google Niksoft filters.

I hope you like the images as much as I do.
Many thanks for reading.


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