The Rhône Glacier – Switzerland

The spring of the Rhône river

In the summer of 2014 we spend our summer holiday in the Swiss Alps. Mountains, waterfalls, wild rivers and glaciers are all favorites of mine when it comes to outdoor go-to places.
So was the trip to the Rhône Glacier on the Furka pass (2.431m). I have seen pictures before of this glacier in mountaineer magazines and it is easily accessible for non-experienced climbers.  Better to say, busloads of tourists every day.  When I first saw the glacier, I was thrilled and shocked at the same time. The glacier had decreased tremendously in size again. The base has turned into a big lake with floating parts of the glacier. To compare the glacier with years ago, visit Wikipedia. Also to get more background information.

Rhône Glacier

You can go inside the glacier and admire the ice below the surface. Deep blue, hard and cold. But also a lot of waterdrops of the melting ice.

Inside the glacier

Inside the glacier

Because of the quick melting process, they covered a part of the glacier with white clothes. See the image below on the right side of the glacier. Temperatures are simple to high in the summer and the glacier is covered with rocks and mud making it more black then white. So the glacier is absorbing the sunlight instead of reflecting it.

Rhône Glacier

The future doesn’t look that great for the glaciers due to global warming. And glaciers are most of the time a starting point of a river. So when the glaciers are gone, the river….
Let’s hope that the coming winters are very cold with lot’s of snow to slow down the melting process.
So for now, some images from 2014 on how the glacier was doing.

River Rhône - Furka Pass, Swiss

River Rhône – Furka Pass, Swiss

We hope to visit the glacier again in the summer of 2015. Hopefully it hasn’t decreased again.

To see more images from our trip to Switzerland, please visit my portfolio page on Switzerland.

The images were taken with my Nikon D800 DSLR and the Nikkor AFS 24-70mm f2.8 lens.
Postprocessing with Adobe Lightroom 5.

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