Who is the man behind the camera?
I’m Richard van der Graaf, a enthusiastic outdoor photographer from the Netherlands. My main profession lies in the ICT as a security consultant. A pretty busy job now a days. That’s why I love the outdoors. Strolling around in nature, seeing her beauty and taking photographs is rewarding and relaxing.

Richard van der Graaf

Me at the Falls of Falloch (Scotland)

I started with photography back in 1991 and soon realized that nature would be my main subject. Spending time in the darkroom (black and white) and taking pictures on color slide film, I switched to digital in 2004. The darkroom magic is gone, but making the best possible image out of a RAW file comes pretty close.

To have nature around us and to enjoy it is a great wealth. We should be careful with her, so that our children can enjoy it too as much as we do.

Unfortunately not everyone is taking good care of the environment. We humans always want more and bigger. But remember, we have only one Earth. By photographing nature, I try to release a feeling within people to make them realize how precious our environment is. My drive is to translate a picture into an image that captures the mind. This is just one manner on how I help to protect Mother Nature.

My favorite subjects are landscapes and the smaller things we see through a macro lens. For example dragonflies are thankful subjects. The more dragonflies near the water, the better the quality of the water and this is a good thing. Birds are also very rewarding subjects and when the opportunity is there, I capture it. However, to create good bird images, you need patience, time and good equipment (500mm telelens). Time and the funding for this kind of lenses are not yet within my reach.

I discuss my images with fellow nature photographers united in an association of amateur nature photographers (the VAN) in the Netherlands. We meet once a month in Amstelveen to show and discuss our work. Beside the serious discussions, we also have a lot of fun.

Please take a look around in my portfolio and let me know what you think of the images.

Best regards,
Richard van der Graaf